Question about hair slippage and shop temperature.

Submitted by BC on 08/29/2002. ( )

I have a problem and was just wondering could anyone out there give any suggestions on it. I am relatively new to taxidermy (3 years) and in that time I haven't been salting my capes after rough fleshing, I have been mixing up a pickle/tan using para-tan, lutan, salt, formic acid, and water.Anyhow I decided to start salting my hides and after rough fleshing and salting overnight I went out to change salt and noticed a slight smell. My question is, my shop is locked up during the day and it gets pretty hot, I was just wondering if the temperature in my shop would cause the hide to have a slight odor or am I just smelling the blood. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.(Also the hair on the hide seems to come out awfully easy by barely pulling.

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Heat and humidity are your enemies.

This response submitted by Paul @ on 08/31/2002. ( )

Heat and humidity are your worst enemies. You'll probably notice it takes a while before the capes actually start to dry out. Get some air moving around. Yes, the smell is the capes that are salted.

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