whitetail fawn

Submitted by Tim on 08/29/2002. ( )

What is the best way to get your measurements on a whitetail fawn that has already been skinned and froze. Bought one and couldnt find anything in the search. Dorsal skinned.

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measure it

This response submitted by steveingeneva on 09/05/2002. ( )

when you get ready to flesh it out, thaw it out and lay it on its side on the table. measure from nose to base of tail and subtract .5" for curve of nose.measure from belly to dorsal and multiply X2. then of course eye to nose subtact some. these measurements wont be exact, but niether will the fawn mannican that you will almost certainly have to modify in some way or another, especially because there arent a lot to choose from. try to order the form on the small side rather than too large.

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