european mount with velvet

Submitted by Sid on 09/02/2002. ( )

Allrighty then....I've searched the archives, but to no avail. What I'm interested in knowing if any of y'all know, is there a way to tan the velvet AND do a european mount without ruining the tan on the velvet or the velvet? Would it just be better to skin off the velvet and buy the flock from Research Mannikins and put that on them? I've done the european's but not with velvet still on the antlers. Any help would be really, really appreciated! Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me!

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Soak the skull (maybe)

This response submitted by Dan S. on 09/03/2002. ( )

Go to, and find the how to articles. There's an article on doing european mounts by just soaking the skulls in water for a long period of time, without boiling them. I've done skulls this way (but they weren't in velvet), and it works really well. I think if you perseve the velvet first, then use this technique without getting the antlers wet, it could work. Just a thought.

Thanks Dan!

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Thanks Dan! I went to that site, very helpful indeed! Just can't thank you enough for sharing that! I guess I don't get out much, on the internet or out of my shop. I had never been to that site before, it's a good one. I'm going to give it a try, Thanks again!

Glad I could help

This response submitted by Dan S. on 09/03/2002. ( )

Let me know how it works out.

how about cutting off antlers

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last year I done a couple in velvet first get measurements I cut the antlers off from the skull just at the horn butts. then treat the antlers as normal for velvet. then boil the skull, bleach seal etc. then drill out in antlers and skull pedicle. then use grabber screws and bondo antlers back on skull then use sculpting compuond and work around pedicles then attach to plaque as normal. tried soaking in water very smelly stinky process. this procedure worked good for me as i explained above, good luck.

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