when do deer have thier babies

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when do deer have thier babies in the south

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I Dont exactly know

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Over the past years I have been seeing fresh dropped fawns all the way into August, and as early as May. I think that is due to the numbers of does. Here in Alabama you cant swing a dead cat around without hitting one. Last year the bucks were still chasing does in late Feb.

187 to 212 Days after successful breeding

This response submitted by George on 12/09/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Mature does tend to breed in October near the autumnal equinox, but younger does AND older does who were not successfully bred come into heat about 28 days later. The cycle repeats up to 3 times per animal. Still, fawns born early in the year, may also come into heat the first year of life, usually December, January, and February. This makes their fawning times much later in the year as Paul describes. Usually these fawns tend to be predator food in the tougher climates, but those that make it continue that same cycle.


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around March and April in Texas. Some are born a bit later into May. But then again I saw a spotted fawn just a week before deerseason hit here which is the first week in November.

Late May, early June

This response submitted by Denton Shearin on 12/09/2002. ( denton@customtaxidermy.com )

In Tennessee late May and Early June are the prime birthing times for whitetails. As with most things, there are always exceptions.

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