Still Got The Freezer Full of Green Capes? I can Help

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If you haven't heard of Tarheel Taxidermy Services you just may be missing out on the biggest time saver there is in taxidermy. With our help you can take on more work and satisfy more hunters with a qucker turn around.
We take in frozen capes and split the eyes, nostrils, lips and ears, flesh then salt dry. We then take the capes to Carolina Fur for tanning or send them back dry salted or frozen. The cost for deer capes is $18, Black Bear run from $70-110, skull removal availible.
For questions call Kevin at 919-365-4643
Tarheel Taxidermy Services

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freezer full of capes

This response submitted by greg on 01/05/2003. ( )

whats the best time to call.,,,,bus hours

When to Call

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Weeknights or anytime during the weekend, leave a message and I will call you back asap, or during the day my cell phone number is 919-815-4304

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