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Submitted by Tony H on 01/04/2003. ( )

Hello all,

First-time poster and wanna-be taxidermist. Here's the deal. For two years, I've been buying videos, books, etc. gearing myself up to try and mount my first whitetail.

My brother-in-law has bravely provided me with a buck he killed. Here's my dillemma. He took the deer to a processor who caped it. He just pulled the skin down to just below the base of the skull and cut off the head.

I believe the term is "tube caping" from what I've read in the archives. The problem is, the video I have (Rinehart tanning, fleshing basics) does not talk about how to handle a tube cape.

I've considered doing a cut up the back of the neck and continuing as shown on the video but I'm afraid I won't be able to make a straight cut becuase the skin is not on the carcass.

Any advice on how to proceed? Should I make the long cut or use a Y or T and proceed as a tube? If that even makes any sense.

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Tube cut!

This response submitted by migda's taxidermy on 01/04/2003. ( )

Hi Tony! I prefer the tubed out neck on most shoulder mount i do {I hate sewing} Its relatively simple, just make sure your cut up the back of the neck is neat and fairly straight. It does not have to be exactly in the center, just try to be close. I prefer a Y incision leading up to the base of antlers. I also like to make the incision as short as possible. You just need to get the head out! Hope this helps!


This response submitted by George on 01/04/2003. ( )

Migda's statements are right on, but let me add a little since you're new at this. Measure your eye/nose and your neck circumferences before you start The "Y" incision allows for the head to be removed from the tube without splitting it all the way down. Make the top legs of the "Y" start at the antlers and meet at the knot on the back of the skull. From there, cut down the tail of the "Y" no more than 5 or 6 inches. Since the butcher did you such a big favor, the head should start to come right through the "Y". )I've had some butchers stop a little short. I invert the tube and take the neck right down to the jaw bone before cutting the neck off.) Be very careful cutting off the earbutts as it can easily be confused and a cut through made. I keep my fingers on the outside of the hide as I gently cut them off with a scalpel. Keep turning the face out as it comes off the skull. Once you get past the preorbitals, feel outside again for the back corners of the mouth. When you get here, go outside and cut the lips through the mouth. From there on, it should be just a matter of fleshing the hide, turning ears, splitting lips and eyebrows and salting. Just take your time, there's no big rush as long as you work steadily. Good luck.

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