nose septums

Submitted by joe on 01/05/2003. ( )

i was at gander mountain today looking at some of the deer mounts and noticed that the insides of the noses from about 6 differant taxidermist really looked a good bit differant from each other can anyone tell me if MOST taxidemist use septums on there mounts or probably only for their show pieces, only one mount that i saw there that the nose looked awsome inside,was wondering if a person can sculpt a nose that good or probably an artificial nose? i realize without you people seeing it, it would be hard to say. would appreciate some input, thanks joe

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This response submitted by migda's taxidermy on 01/05/2003. ( )

Yes joe some taxidermists can sculpt inner nostril work that good.I think most taxidermist charge extra for extra nostril work, inner ear canal work etc. speaking strickly for myself, i dont go through the extras for standard commercial mount. But if there willing to pay extra then absolutly!


This response submitted by b. bishop on 01/05/2003. ( bishops@newnorthdotnet )

I think septums are becoming standard as more and more clients see them and want them. IMO Or at least they should be .


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 01/05/2003. ( )

That should be a normal pratice these days but nobody likes to spend an extra 30 min to finish off a nose the right way and get more money for their time. It's just get them in and out ASAP. It's a shame with todays tech knowledgy a person should be able to produce some type of quality work.
With that being said learn to look and shop around. Any mount being done is a luxury and should be priced that way. It's time to get out of the dark ages.

it only takes ten mins

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 01/05/2003. ( )

It only takes ten mins. to produce a quality septum. Carve it,apoxie sculpt it or clay and paint. Just remember to do one side at a time.
The same way that Don Holt does it. Looks great and very easy.

I use Speed Septums in all my deer

This response submitted by George on 01/05/2003. ( )

I found it was what made my deer "different" and my customers expect it. IF and I mean a big IF, I ever decided to compete, however, I think that the artificial nose is the only way to go. My carving and sculpting skills would never approach that of the artificial nose.

Septums are nice....

This response submitted by Jim Stagliano on 01/05/2003. ( )

If used correctly. Like almost everything else it is contingent on the end result. I have seen where nicely shaped deep nostrils painted cleanly looked much better then incorrectly used septums. Just because someone uses the best/newest materials does not necessarily mean it will look as it should. I carve and sculpt my own but that is my preference, I do agree that in competition septums or artificial noses are a better choice.

Jim, that doesn't just apply to Septums

This response submitted by George on 01/05/2003. ( )

This industry is rife with proof it can refer to many other things as well. Still, the standard today seems to be toward the end of that embalming wax plugged noses and more realistic looking features.

George, I agree

This response submitted by Jim Stagliano on 01/05/2003. ( )

The industry is moving toward the high tech direction and our clients are more and more educated what to look for, which is a very good thing. My point was that if you use a septum be sure to use it correctly, otherwise you gain nothing. However, if you choose to sculpt your own ( not plugged wax, LOL) you should use good reference and do this correctly as well and it can provide good results.

thanks for the input

This response submitted by joe on 01/05/2003. ( )

thanks for the input, i appreciate it!

CAst Septum

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 01/06/2003. ( )

Jody Green showed us how to cast a septum using hot glue and 5 min. epoxy, last year at the WI show. It's pretty easy, you need a real septum, spray it with cooking spray for a mold release, lay it on foil and cover half with hot glue, let it set, flip and cover the other side. Cut it open along an edge like a clam, and remove the real septum from your hot glue mold. Spray the inside of the mold with pam, mix up enough 5 min epoxy to mold the septum, add paint to the mix for color and you can even sprinkle in some red frayed thread for veins. Fill the mold with the epoxy and close and let set. Turns out translucent and has the little veins inside, neat.

To install it, he removed the nose from the manikin, and hollowed out the septum area from behind, then inserted the cast septum. He also slotted out the lip slot before removing the nose.


This response submitted by cyclone on 01/06/2003. ( )

would be the plural of septum.

Charge extra for septums?

This response submitted by BohunteR on 01/10/2003. ( )

You would honestly charge someone extra for nose detail?Every piece that goes out the door from my shop has septums and nose detail.Now maybe if someone wanted show quality I agree.....anyone that lets a deer head leave their shop without at least using speed septums or carved out and finished septums is only hurting themselves and not doing any justice for the taxidermy trade in general.In my area,I am kinda middle of the road as far as pricing goes. Some are higher, some are lower. I get $325.00 for whitetail shoulder mounts and I feel I'm making enough to spend whatever time it takes to do the job right.
Don't mean to start a feud,but,Charge for nose detail?C'mon!

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