how good genes

Submitted by fftfnggggggg on 01/05/2003. ( )

i have been raising for a while now and my question is how would i get good genes in deer

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You don't

This response submitted by Raven on 01/05/2003. ( )

You dont GET good genes in deer. Its all about your original stock. If your stock had good genees they will likely pass those on. Don't expect nasty, inbred, limited genepool, DNA challenged deer to start pumping out good Genes tho. If you feel there is something missing from your herd - find new breeding stock. Most good traits are there due to dominant genes. Find a buck that posesses the traits you desire and there is a chance he will pass those on to your doe. Always a good idea to bring in another buck every so often anyway.


This response submitted by shooter on 01/05/2003. ( )

The Doe has as much to do with antler genetics as the buck. I assume that that is what you are looking to improve. check out the Quality Deer Management Program. You will find alot of info on genetics.


This response submitted by sam w on 01/06/2003. ( )

Yea don;t do like me and plant a half acre of biologic and 2 years later not much improvement? I have tried some major brand names of feed plots expecting the best but if the genetics truely arent there all your really doing is fattning up the scrub heard and trust me they are truely grateful for the

Sam its gonna take more than two years.

This response submitted by John C on 01/06/2003. ( )

The first thing you have to do is get the Does in good health. This is going to take more than two years itself.

Once you have the Does healthy you may find that they start having twins and even triplets. We have been four years getting to this point.

Now for the so called scrub deer, a deer grows its body into the third year. This is when they build the mass for body size. Antlers may be anything from spikes to 2 X 2's.

Our two year olds are now grown 2x2'2 and some even larger.

We have an advantage as there is less hunting pressure. Its taken some truely ruff hard measures with poachers. We just make it very uncomftrouble for them.

Ok, now we are going into the fifth year in this program, yes we arr seeing larger deer, larger antlers on mature bucks.

18 months ago someone released my herd of does, they were from very good stock. I had planned on breed the captive deer just as I would horses or cattle. Now we have 10 does out running around that have
B & C bloodlines.

We have seen our deer herd grow body wise from 100-120 lbs average to over 180 lbs, while this is not large for northern deer its getting pretty big for Our southern deer.

We will be putting out nearly ten acres of Various plants, high in posphorus, adding fly ash (source of calcium) my area has calcium but not enough, a lot od sandstone. We have plenty of grains, soybeans, corn, millet/millo. but these alone will not grow deer and will not grow deer with large antlers.

After the thord year bucks have reached most of thier mature size. After this they start getting heavier bodied and then the extra feed, and minerals can be put into growing antlers. Years 4 1/2 on to 7 1/2.

This is when you find out if you have scrubs or not.

10 acres of good browse is required for 1 deer. Now with our crops the bioligist figures that we can easily support 100-150 deer in my area. But with the proper foods, containing phosphorus, calcium and foilic acid (yes deer must have this to build big body and antlers)

So our plan according to Mark the Bio. is to put in 10 acres of various types of cultered browse.

1 acre of our browse will support 10 deer, so our next move is to log off the Hickory, Ash, Hackberry and Red Oak trees. This started today. We will be leaving the White Oak trees.

Soil analy. shows we need to add the calcium (Fly Ash) and 10-20-20 fertilizer. There are also other certain minerals that are missing.

Hopefully, this will show you that just a small food plot will not grow the big bucks you are seeing on TV.

We are looking 10/15/20 years down the road for development of the herd. In addition there is a new Golf Course going in just down the road, this will provide enough fiber from the grasses.

Oh, one more thing that is helping is we have put out Cow Lick tanks. This is Black Draught Mollasses with minerals. You may wise to try these yourself, our cost to fill a feeder is $213.00 for the fill today, will last about three months. Some companies can mix to your specifications. This is really helpful when the biologist can provide mineral formulas.


This response submitted by ........ on 01/07/2003. ( )

i have 1 buck with world record genes he"s a fawn the deer raiser i bought him from said he was born with from a buck with a 180 b&c rack but i cant find anything with enough protien (18%)

Remember deer dont need just protien.

This response submitted by John C on 01/07/2003. ( )

Purina makes a good deer chow.

There are many feeds out there in the 12% to 16% range. but protien is not the sole ingredent to growing big deer.

Deer are not huge protien eaters, look at how well they do on browse, walk thru your local woods and see what they eat.

2% to 4% difference is not going to make or break your deer as long as its diet is balanced.

Minerals are the important factor.

go to google and research it.


This response submitted by ... on 01/07/2003. ( )

i traded my only buck for another buck this buck was born from a buck that is 2 1/2 years old and has a b&c score of 126 1/8and has 8points


This response submitted by ....... on 01/07/2003. ( )

would i be able to grow a good set of antlers with him

dog chow

This response submitted by Tracy on 01/08/2003. ( )

I dont raise deer on a ranch at this time but my rottweiler dog has made friends with several blacktailed deer and he allows them to eat his dog food and they love it 28% protien purina?go figure..Tracy

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