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my deer ripped the velvet off of its anters my question is will he grow non typical antlers just this year or will he grow non typical from now own

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he rubbed the velvet on a barbed wire fence

Probably Not

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The fact that he rubbed his velvet on the fence is meaningless. If he had non-typical antlers it is more likely genetic. His age is also important, yearlings(first antlers) that have non-typical antlers don't always mean anything to the following sets. If the deer damaged his pedicels on the barbed wire, that can cause changes in the antler next year. It is normal for a buck to "rip" the velvet off when the time is right. There is some extremely good reference material available, go back to last week in the deer category and read through the material.


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no one can answer that with 100% yes or no. with whitetails, always, only, and never are words you don't use because you ne.... i was going to say "never" but i just said you can't so anyways i guess wait and see. i had a buck pull his antler off in a fence, took a piece of the skull with it. the antler grew a little n.t. the next year but went to a typ. antler the last three years. Another buck grew typ. antlers for six years and then went and sprouted double main beams. like i said, who knows..... my guess would be if he didn't do much damage to his pedicels then he will return to a typical. Lot's of damage and a good chance something weird might grow. most of the time, antlers will follow the pattern from the previous years.
Maybe Yox can help with this one

you two deer guys did fine

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I couldnt add anything any more informative. I was just wondering if he was just shedding his velvet or if it was premature?

good question Bill

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if it was hard antler then everything i wrote does not apply in this case. i was thinking you were asking about antler still growing. now my question is are you using a few strands of barbed wire to keep dogs and such out or is this what you have for fencing?


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its not the deers fence the deer got out and rubbed his antlers on another fence and when i found him he was hung in the fence and he was pulling the antlers breaking them and everything else this deer is a rare deer it is a stag (a deer that never stops growing its antlers)

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