Wet Tanned cape

Submitted by Fern on 01/07/2003. ( )

I am getting ready to mount my first wet tanned cape and was wondering what the correct way to do it is. Do i have to do anything special or just unthaw it and mount. Also about how long does it have to thaw before doing prep work and mounting. I have previously done all my Deer dry Tanned. Is there one way that is better or is it apples and oranges. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a good tannery with good turnaround time.

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Wet Tan Vs. Dry

This response submitted by Jeremy Morgan on 01/07/2003. ( )

Go to www.carolinafurdressing.com there is a good bit of information concerning wet tanning and wet vs. dry, also George Roof I believe wrote a well written answer to that famous question and can be found using the search option.

Wet Tan

This response submitted by Jay Angell on 01/08/2003. ( jmarelics@cs.com )

Be careful, if you are using a cream tan the hair is not yet set good and you could have slipage.Be really careful around the face and eyes, you mess up here it will be very noticable.I have used several methods and am currently using the liqua-tan method using ciric acid as a pickle bath, I like this one the best.I have a friend who is a professional taxidermist in PA and they recommend a tannery in NC, that is very reliable. I will get the name for you.Email me with any questions.

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