how is it possible

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how could the hole in the horn buck grow antlers like that it would have to grow its antlers at an inch a day how could you get a deer to do that and is there anyway to make a deer grow its antlers all year

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he's a freak

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that is what makes him so special. To answer your question about antler growth check the archives.LOL no just kidding. Deers antlers actually do grow from the time they drop them in late winter to the time they shed their velvet in the fall. Maybe this deer had some type of disorder that kept him in velvet longer than normal, and he probably had extraordinary genes that gave him his huge measurements. I don't recall if they ever said how old that deer was but I believe those horns were found, not actually taken by a hunter. If i'm wrong on that please let me know. I can't remember if it was the whole deer they found or just the sheds. Does anyone know what the scoop is on that? Don't take offense to my humor, I was just kidding around about the archives.

hole in horn

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If my memory is correct,the buck had been hit by a train and was found along the tracks.I could be wrong.

it happens

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I know of a few deer in captivity that approach that size and style of antler growth. They grew them in the normal April to August timeframe. The antlers harden during August and September, and usually (not always) very little growth occurs then. About the hole in the horn, they theorize that the fence wire from the fence he laid against wore through the softer antler material of one of his drop tines, and entangled him there. Of course well never know if he was trying to slip under the fence, or had been hit.


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what were those deer fed to get antlers that big

Not just feed

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Its more than just feed,its a combination of good genetics,high protien feed and able to reach past 5 years old..if you want to see a good video go to and in the search box type( Ranching for big bucks )the video i bought was titled"ranching for big big bucks"......there are tons of info these days on deer ranching its turned into big business...hope this helped..good luck..Tracy

Hole in the Horn

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I read an article a few years back were they found one of the railroad men that found the deer. He stated it was dead when they found it and a piece of chain link had punctured the antler and trapped the deer were it died.

More info...

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The hole was caused by a piece of wire fence being driven into the horn... it was near railroad tracks but it likely did not get hit. The rack was discoverred and spent most of its time in lodge in Northern Ontario collecting dust and smoke. The guy who eventually brought the rack to light was talking to an old timer who had a picture of these freak antlers from the time of their original discovery. It wasn't until he heard about a similar set in this lodge that he started to hunt them down. For years they had slipped from sight....

Theres a book that details the histories of some of the most famous racks. I dont have the book and can't remember the name of it dangit - but I have read a few of the stories in it. Its all about legendary white tails. If I remember the name I'll post it =)

Kent, Ohio

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Dick Idol was the guy who uncovered the "Hole in the Horn" in 1983. The antlers came out of Ohio, not Canada. Kent Canadian Club in Portage county, Ohio had the mount hanging for over 40 years. It was first scored as a potential world record (342 3/8 but was lowered to 328 2/8 when it was B&C panel scored in 1986.

I have some friends who...

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Just shake their heads at the thought of that rack. They used to go to that club and the mounted head stood up against the wall in a hallway floor. They used to go just to see it, never thinking of trying to obtain it! The fence was wire fence, not chain link, in case youre keeping score at home! One of the best massive deer I mentioned earlier had one of his best antler sets at 3 1/2 yrs...Five isnt always the majic number...them darned deer!

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