if you grow

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if you grow a world record set of antlers and your in the deer farming business would they not except it

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i mean

This response submitted by ................. on 01/08/2003. ( )

sorry if i wasnt explaining it good enough i mean would the boone and crocket club except one that you grew for a world record if your a deer farmer

boone and croket

This response submitted by enough bullet4 on 01/08/2003. ( )


no way

This response submitted by wayne on 01/08/2003. ( thebasspro316@cs.com )

B&C will not acknowledge farm raised or fenced in deer.

What if?

This response submitted by Brandon on 01/08/2003. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

What if you were to take it to the woods, release it, and then shoot it? would they accept it then? just wondering.

Brandon, What is it you Don't understand

This response submitted by George on 01/08/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

Boone&Crockett spell out very explicitly that all record book animals MUST be taken by "FAIR CHASE". Maybe you'd like "fair" reinterpreted, but they explain it in their charter by THEIR definition. No fences, no catch and release. WILD NATIVE ROAMING, try that on one for size.

Hell I aint got much good to say about B&C or P&Y

This response submitted by John C on 01/08/2003. ( )

A few times I have been involved with either pretty much pissed me off.

I asked for thier help many years ago, when a certain state passed a law about the antlers must be removed from the skull plate to be sold.

I ask both for help, thier reply,
"Its a local problem, we don't get involved in local problems."

Later I shot a nice Wt.deer with my bow. P & Y scorers reduced it to 93 points, after thier deductions.

Well I felt the deer deserved better, got in touch with Buckmasters
after the scoring session, its a good bit better than 150, and that dont include the 22 inch spread.

What is really great about this deer is Public land, wooded acrage of less than 5 acres. within a 60 second walk of the Federal HWY.

Additionally I harvested several nice deer off small over looked wooded sections

Actually ......

This response submitted by Brandon on 01/08/2003. ( )

I didn't know exactly what the b&c rules were. Just when i was reading this post the thought popped into my mind so i figured i'd ask. Thanks anyway George for telling me what they did say.

Sorry Brandon

This response submitted by George on 01/08/2003. ( )

For the usual dumb reasons of an old fat man, I THOUGHT you were the dweeb ...../ Didn't mean to cut you so short, but that guy's worn on a lot of us recently.

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