Submitted by Eddie on 01/08/2003. ( NDAWOODS25@aol.com )

I am just getting into taxidermy. A passion I have wanted to do for years. I capped my 8 pointer out last night as I used a video tape from Sallie Dahmes. I dont have the $$ to buy a nice motor driven flesher right now. I have seen a 16" flesher blade, and a flesher with a handle and a metal blade shaped like a circle. I cant find the flesher with the handle in any catalog. Anyone got any suggestions for me on the best way to flesh the cape with the funds I have?

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Combination tool

This response submitted by Dan Moon -Grasshopper on 01/08/2003. ( Dan.Moon@Cabelas.com )


Van Dykes supply carries a combination tool item #01518768, that is inexpensive and would help in the fleshing of your deer hide. Just a suggestion, that you can see on their website.
The flesher that you describe sounds like a Jim Hall mammal fleshing tool item # 01001274, except in alot bigger size.

Dan Moon -- grasshopper

Skife Knife & Elbow Grease

This response submitted by Mark on 01/08/2003. ( FCC-Mark.D.Duby@cnet.navy.mil )

I'm a hobbiest myself and don't make the big bucks. Something that I have had good success with is the skife knife...granted thinning down the cape takes awhile, but who is in a hurry? If the cape starts to dry out while you are working, just toss it back in the pickel for alittle while. Works for me, maybe it will for you too...until we can buy a round knife at least. You can pick up replacement blades at the drug store...usually takes me about 20-30 blades to finish 1 cape. Good luck...Mark.

20-30 blades?

This response submitted by Mark S on 01/08/2003. ( )

For the life of me, I've used MAYBE 4-5 blades in my skife to do a deer hide. Now I use my Quebec Lite Deluxe, What ever took me so long to decide to purchase it is beyond thinking. Get with it, and call Gerry today and order your own REAL machine. PS Take the plunge, you won't regret it! Mark

flesh-all miniflesher

This response submitted by Ronnie on 01/08/2003. ( )

Eddie look in WASCO supplies in this web site. You will find the flesh-all miniflesher. It works great and isn't real expensive.You'll learn real quick that there are a few know it alls in here. They can't be all that because their always giving smart ass answers in here instead of doing taxidermy work

What I do.

This response submitted by Steve on 01/09/2003. ( )

I first use a scraping knife and fleshing beam to get most of the red meat off. You could use a large knife for this. The face area is tough to get all the red meat off and I leave some till it's in the pickle. I then use a mini-flesher that runs off an air compressor. It works great on deer and antelope. Although it is way over-priced it's still a lot cheaper than buying a bigger fleshing machine. The mini-flesher doesn't work very well on Beaver though, and probably isn't the best choice for many bigger jobs.

wire wheel

This response submitted by terryr on 01/10/2003. ( )

have used wire wheel on grinder very successfully to do all cleanup on wt - especially GREAT on shaving face - when used as flesher it WILL dry out cape badly so you need a spray bottle handy - its cheap and you may already have the grinder in your garage - i have both grinder and rotary knife and am leaning more and more on grinder -

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