Submitted by Marc on 01/09/2003. ( )

I finished a white tail head two weeks ago, and know I am not satisfied with the mount. Can I safely re-hydrate and re-mount. I used Flinns hide glue which is water soluable. What should I do ? And what should I use ?

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Read the archieves, must be a hundred pages on this

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Someone is gonna say it, just as well to be me. four Letters word on the left side, DEER, yep thats it click it and there young one you will find the subject of your quest.

Still need more answers? at the very bottom is the archieves, quest nomore for there in lies your answers.

Now, that your possibly po'ed and fuming, where was your reference photos on the second day. That day is to be used for adjusting. Glue is still soft as is the skin, this is the taxi part of taxidermy. even the 3rd or 4th day when using water based glue.

Wet it back, use a relaxer product in the water, pin the towel down and plastic bag it. Next day it should be movable.

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