Another, yes, Another DRY preservative question

Submitted by J Frank on 01/10/2003. ( )

OK, I skinned a thawed out deer head after Xmas, the guy said it'd been thawing outside for four days, with the temp getting below freezing each night. This might have done some damage, but I didn't notice any slipping or odor, but there was some blood pooled in places. I had an emergency and had to refreeze the hide before I could flesh it, I got most of the big pieces of meat off but did not split the eyes, lips, ears etc. I plan to tan, but for some reason I figured it wouldn't hurt to put a good coat of dry preservative on it before I put it in the freezer. My question is will the dry preservative affect the tanning process? Or should I just finish this one with dry preservative and use a good hide paste and a million nails? My first two deer done in 1990 still look great and I used it on them.

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This response submitted by George on 01/10/2003. ( )

Borax can effect it and it should NEVER be put on a hide thats going to be tanned. Too late to worry about it or fix it. Go ahead with the rehydration steps so you can finish fleshing the hide, but I suspect you're in for a multitude of problems. If you make it to the pickle without slippage, monitor the pH very closely and avoid "emergencies" that might take you away from watching it.

Tried it - worked

This response submitted by Kelly on 01/11/2003. ( )

I bought a bear hide from the DNR that was confiscated and had dried pres. on it - I sent my hide in to be tanned, putting a note with it about the presertive on it. It came out fine - I know the hide was a few years old, it was frozen, but the little bit of fat that was on it was rancid smelling. Not sure of what home tanning will do.

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