Wet Cape

Submitted by fred on 01/02/2003. ( )

I was was wondering how wet should the cape be before mounting? I have my capes dry tanned. Once the come back I Rehydrate for about 2 hours then let drain for about 15 minutes. I then put in bag to sweat overnight. next day I fix holes, Thin and ect. I let hang until it doesnt drip anymore but it still seems wet before i mount. Its not dripping wet but, if I squeeze the hide I still get moisture to drip out. Is that too wet or am i alright? Any advice would be great.

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soaking too long

This response submitted by Superpig on 01/02/2003. ( )

there is no need to soak your cape longer than 20 minutes tops. Then squeeze out the excess water and put in fridge overnight in a bag. The next day your cape should be fully rehydrated but not to the point to where it drips. If it does drip just hang it up for an hour until it stops. Then go ahead an mount it. If you mount it up when it is dripping wet it takes forever for the mount to dry.

Too wet...

This response submitted by Paul on 01/02/2003. ( Paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

rehydrate for a 1/2 hour,bag and fridge overnight. I tumble in sawdust to remove moisture before mounting. You can roll up cape in towels to remove moisture, or use spin cycle to remove water. You don't want your cape real wet, thins out hide paste if you use water base paste, can cause hairs to become loose at brisket and takes longer to dry.

spin cycle for a couple minutes

This response submitted by cj on 01/02/2003. ( )

throw them capes in the spin cycle of an old washer for a couple minutes no wasting of time waiting for it to drip dry.

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