Cape size suggestions

Submitted by Tom P on 01/03/2003. ( )

I found the antlers to the very first deer I ever shot! I would like to find a cape that would go with these antler but am unsure of the size. The deer was a small spike from east Texas. If anyone has any suggestions of a good size cape to match the antlers, I would appreciate it.

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This response submitted by Tom P on 01/03/2003. ( )

I should add that the antlers were cut off at the pedicles so I do not have the skullcap for any kind of measurement. Has anyone used one of the replacement skullcaps from McKenzie or Research Mannikins? I thought using one of those would be a good idea unless anyone has experience or suggestions with other techniques.


east Texas bucks

This response submitted by LT on 01/03/2003. ( )

Probably about a 15"neck.A little smaller if it was an undernourished runt,a little larger if he had been eating well.

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