Flocking Antler Mannikins

Submitted by Daryl on 01/03/2003. ( )

I'm flocking antler mannikins. I've used both an adhesive from Van Dykes and a primer/sealer latex paint off the shelf at the paint store. The problem I'm having is adhesion to the paper mache. Does anyone have any suggestions on materials or process...

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This response submitted by George on 01/03/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

Though I don't use flocking ( I use Van Dyke's buckskin), I like to fill my antler mannikin cavity with Bondo instead. Mix in a little cabosil and not too much hardener. With a tongue depresser, fill the voids and then cover it with plastic freezer wrap. Pull the plastic tight and form the Bondo under it with your hands. Just when it kicks off, pull the plastic off and if need be, cut the semi-hardened Bondo with a sharp knife or Surfoam tool. Then all your glues will bond with the mount.

enamel sign paint

This response submitted by steve on 01/03/2003. ( )

I use enamel sign paint... not latex.

You can buy the same color as the flock your going to spray.

This paint is sticky and works great...

611 stix.

This response submitted by Perry on 01/06/2003. ( )

I use the 611 or you can also use any mannikin adhesive spray before
applying the flock. I use the clear dry flock adhesive and usually
spray paint the mannikin with the appropriate color after the first
coat of flock.

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