Submitted by Shane on 01/12/2003. ( )

I checked the archives and couldn't find my specific question on form alterations. So here goes.
I want to raise the head of a shoulder form up from an already "chin up" position to a position where the lower jaw flows in a straight line with the neck and the head is rolled back so that the ears lay along the neck and the G2s will almost be parallel with the upper neck. Do I need to cut a wedge from the neck just behind the head where the head pivots and reverse the wedge or would reversing the wedge lengthen the neck too much. I don't plan to do this blind but intend to use several resources of reference to achieve the desired position. I just am looking for a little reassurance before I start cutting and get past the point of no return.

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Reversing the Wedge

This response submitted by Bill M on 01/13/2003. ( )

has always worked for me Shane. I'm not an anatomy expert but whenever I do any alteration where a wedge is removed- lifting the head or turning a head< I've always reversed the wedge and its always looked good. Use a good reference as you're doing the alteration. Good luck.

Not a Wedge

This response submitted by Marc A on 01/13/2003. ( )

Cut the head off at the point that it naturally pivots. Work the neck area down in the middle, slightly rounding the part of the head that will touch the neck. Pin into the position you desire and foam in, then re-shape with knife and sand paper.

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