Beginners dilemma

Submitted by Nokes on 01/14/2003. ( )

I have a cape that measures 6 3/4 x 16. Couldn't find a McKenzie form for that size. So I ordered a 6 1/2 x 16, got the form and the face seems a little small, but I haven't laid the cape on it yet. My question is can I buffer up the nose pad or the back of the head to compensate for the 1/4 inch of difference in the face length?

Thanks for your help

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dont worry about 1/4 inch

This response submitted by John C on 01/14/2003. ( )

1/4 is not anything to worry about, having a little extra skin will help control the shrinkage.

You wand mammals and birds to fit loose, this gives you away to allow the shrinkage to pull and tug as the cape dries.

If it fits perfect, whats going to happen as it dries? It shrinks and suddenly all the work you did is crap.

Read through this site, you will see alot of things just like this question.

Wouold you rather try to put a pair of new jeans on that are two sizes to small, A new pair that fits soaked with water, or a pair that is just a bit loose?

Same for a mammal hide or a bird skin, if its loose you can adjust it. If not aint nothing going to help.

No Nokes

This response submitted by Bill M on 01/14/2003. ( )

A quarter inch difference in the nose to eye measurement is not that significant and you probably can mount as is. But if you want it exact, cut the muzzle off just back of the lip slots. Take a piece of scrap foam and cut a i/4 inch thick piece and bondo or hot glue the i/4 inch slice of foam into the muzzle. After its bonded in, rasp it to blend with the rest of the face.

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