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Want to know if all suppliers forms are messed up. I mean like eyes being out of wack from one another. Been useing the same company for my deer forms and had a couple of mounts come out really messed up. Took them back apart and came up with a system to check the forms and most of them are screwed up. One eye may be a 1/16 to all the way up to 3/16 different from eye to nose length than the other side. Even finding eye hieght differences. Or when the you level the eye sockets the nose isn't level. And other differences in face structure that arn't the same from one side to the other. Would like to know what every body else is useing and if they are seeing the same things across the board as far as suppliers, or if it is just the one I am useing. Why I ask is the one I am working on right now is terrible. I don't know where the hell you would get a deer with such a wide skull plate as there was room for on this form. I said was because I had to cut over a half an inch off each side to get close to what it should be. Even dug out a rack that came off a 240# deer and it was the same size skull plate as the one I'm working on. Maybe I'm just a winer but this is getting very time consumeing for me and aggrivateing. Not worth the $5 saveings over some of the suppliers prices. Don't these mold builders check there molds for accuracy when the first form comes out? Well thats enough complaining , What do you guys and girls use for suppliers and how are they?

Thanks Chris

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Slow learner?

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Chris, this sound like you've got a problem and the problem is you. Most of the modern forms of today are more anatomically correct than you and I are, but there are still "some" out there who copy others forms and even one I know of that still markets butt ugly PAPER FORMS. If you want problems, order one of those babies. I do know that if I had to devise a system to check and see how symetrical a form was, I'd have chosen to pick another supplier first.

who do you use?`

This response submitted by Chris on 01/15/2003. ( )

George what supplier do use or recomend? Because the one I use is a well known company. Maybe I'm looking too hard at them or something.


Look, I'm really NOT Billy Mays

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And as sure as I tell you who I use, someone will be screaming. All I can tell you truthfully is that all the major suppliers listed on this site offer good forms. Some are just better BY PERSONAL PREFERENCE than others. You can bet, the good ones are within a few cents of each other in price.

nose to eye most critical

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keep your fluctuations on nose to eye within 1/2" - neck it is best to be small but you can get by with up to an inch over (no fun though)

No Help here

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Thats why I just read here and don't bother asking questions. I get nothing but bashed about be slow or something stupid like that,and still get no answer to my question. I guess I'll buy forms from several suppliers and answer the question for myself. Been reading on this site for over a year now and have learned alot. But just wanted a few simple answers and can't get a strait one here. Thanks for nothing anyway


Help on Forms

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Chris - Is your email address correct? I have been trying to send you the answers you seek but I keep getting an error message when I send it to the address you have listed. There are a lot of helpful people who read this info, but I would rather not name companies on the forum, as some people might not like what I say.

Here's the rest of the story

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I, too, sent Chris a personal email telling him OFF SITE as any professional SHOULD, what forms I used and the particular nuances I looked for in a form. He sent his thanks back, but not before telling me "But that George seems to always want to bash people instead of answering questions." LMAO See how confusing TWO George's on this site can become. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. LOL


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It seems you have your answer but still cant see it! First you say youve devised a system for checking forms...thats one solution, then in your next post after criticizing those who responded, you say youll just buy from more then one source and learn for yourself...BINGO! Thats what the guys trying to tell you, nicely. Hell theres not that many companies out there, so do your homework. Just to show you it isnt the same for all of us, you mentioned those wide heads? I cant always find heads WIDE ENOUGH! It varies.

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