using doe form for buck

Submitted by Billy on 01/15/2003. ( )

My question is a guy brought me a small buck( his sons first) but it is to small for any of the buck forms. The only forms I can find to fit the measurements are doe forms. My question is, if I get a doe form and cut the form and put the antlers on. Will it hold? if you put screws in, youll only be screwing into foam. Will bondo or something hold the antlers?

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This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 01/15/2003. ( )

Billy, No the screws won't hold unless you first set a wood block into the top of the head. Dig out a large hollow after you cut a flat area to accept the skull plate. Fill this hollow with bondo and place into the bondo before it sets up a pine block. After the bondo is cured set antlers in another layer of bondo, drill skull plate attatch with 4 long screws. Remember if you use a short incision to seperate the antlers after the 2nd step before the bondo grips the bondo base you built. A piece of wax paper between the layers of bondo will help. Now, if you don't find a form the size you are looking for I would guess maybe you need more catalogs.Basically I would not use a doe form for a buck but if it's a little buck fawn or VERY small bodied buck it will work. Most times any buck will have a heavier neck and doe forms generaly look "femenine". Good luck with this project-Enjoy, Aaron H.

Check all the supplies

This response submitted by Tony B on 01/15/2003. ( )

I beleave I have seen buck forms in the 4 ; 4 1/2 area someplace since
I had a REAL small one, a few years back I cut a small buck form down put it all back together with the same urethane foam that forms are made of and have made many alterations to forms and reconnected with bondo so either will work quite well foam or bondo just set the plywood plate to where you want it and goop her up than set your antlers as normal
good luck

Here's what I have done before

This response submitted by BC on 01/15/2003. ( )

Billy, I've only had occasion to do this once but I got on my tablesaw and ripped a block of wood, somewhat rectanglular in shape to lay where the "head block" would normally be on a buck form. Next I compared the doe form to a small buck form for reference as to how much to cut off the back of the skull. After this lay the block on top of the horizontal cut you have just made in the mannikin and trace around it. I used a Foredom tool with a large "burr" to hollow out what I had just traced, using your good judgement keep hollowing out until it is deep enough to accept the block. Finally I mix bondo and put a good deal in the bottom of the hole, then screw the antlers on and mount as normal. Between the bondo and the cape drying around it I don't believe you will have any troubles securing the antlers. Hope this has been of some help and sorry I was so long winded.

Research Mannikins

This response submitted by Croc on 01/15/2003. ( )

Billy, I know Research has button buck mannikins, whether or not they have blocks for the skull or not I dont know, not sure how small you need to go just thought I'd let you know, good luck Croc

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