antler repair

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Hi,I shot a nice 9 pointer this year with my bow . When i found him he had one of his brow tines broke off there is just a little sticking out from the beam. i would like to know if there is any way it can be fixed with another brow tine similiar in size. i know i would not be able to do it but was just wondering if a professional taxidermist could. thank you, brad

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More than one way to make a tine.

This response submitted by John C on 01/30/2003. ( )

Yes you can add a piece of antler to replace it.

You can build an epoxy tine from wire and a clay type epoxy.

My favorite way is to spray a release agent on the matching tine. Spred silicone caulking on the tine, It has to be a very good grade not the cheap stuff 100% silicone. Once its dried two/three days.
Carefully remove the silicone mold. Pour with a 2 part urethane, just as it kicks off remove it from the mold, the new tine will be soft and bendable, shape the contour.

drill a hole in the real antler and the new tine, set with a good epoxy, blend the joint, seal and stain to match.


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Hi Brad

What your asking for is possible but the bottom line is going to depend on the person doing the job hope this helps you
Good luck


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I am sure a lot of you guys out there, know what I mean!

Antler Repair

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Give this a try

scroll down to the Special Features and read the artilce Bill Gaither did on antler repair. Think you might enjoy it.

Good luck,


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you could have clicked that orange icon to the left there and found what 51 other people who asked this same question were told.

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