i finally tried it..wire wheel

Submitted by terryr on 01/31/2003. ( homsolut@hotmail.com )

had a mentor tell me he could split the lips and never touch a knife with a wire wheel - well i started using the wheel to clean them up after if ran an exacto along the edge and it really sped up the time - today i took the final leap and did everything (except split the lids) with the wire wheel - did whole head area from neck down with two very minor burn throughs - nose is so thin you can hold it up to the light and read a newspaper thru it(lol) - try it IT WORKS!

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Me too.

This response submitted by John C on 01/31/2003. ( )

I tried it today also. I recently purchased a large Bird Flesher from Authentic Taxidermy Supply. The machine is made from some type of plastic. has two wire wheels.

A fine bristle large brush and a smaller course brush.

I had a full mount coyote, so thought what to heck, I will give it a shot on the wheel.

The course brush is the one for small mammals, it honestly makes mammals fun again. It does work fairly well in the nose, lips and eyelids of deer, great for thinning the tear duct areas.

Yes you can burn through with it, but its a fair bit easier to learn than the standard fleshing machine is.

Maybe now I can finish all my own critters, hu wonder how it will work on my Mt. Lion?

wire wheel

This response submitted by cbostick on 01/31/2003. ( )

Was that a post in the forum or an article?

Wire Wheel Fleshing

This response submitted by Rick on 01/31/2003. ( )

I want to give this a try, Just kinda curious at what RPM are you running these wire wheels, and are you using a course wheel to rough flesh then a fine wheel to finish up. Was wanting to try these on deer capes.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 01/31/2003. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

It doesn't really matter for mammals but if you plan on doing deer I've used my bench grinder for this. I like putting on two wheels course or fine. You make the choice on what wheel but on the bench grinder you can burn hole in the cape.

I have a bench grinder with

This response submitted by Bobbi on 01/31/2003. ( bmeye@iland.net )

with the wire wheel on one side and a standard grinding wheel on the other, I use the wheel to peel back the membrane and thin it somewhat, but the grinding wheel can also be used to thin thick areas. Just run the hide across the very edge of the wheel left to right ( i put my thumb behind the hide and use it as a guide) and it basically cuts through it. Be careful though cause you can cut through it a little too easy if you push too hard.

You split the lips

This response submitted by chuck on 01/31/2003. ( )

You don't use a knife at all to split the lips and nose. You still have hide to tuck in the lip slots? I am trying to visualize this.

yes i completely split the lips

This response submitted by terryr on 02/01/2003. ( )

split the lips from start to finish and had so much lip skinn i had to trim it off - had to split nose down center with knife but removed ALL meat with grinder - it isnt hard but it takes 2-times to develop the 'touch'

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