How much to charge?

Submitted by AJ on 01/17/2003. ( )

Hey everyone, I would like to know what the general price for a deer shoulder mount is. I am a full time taxidermist and have been for about six years. The average rate in my area is around $450.

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you answered your own question

This response submitted by jake on 01/17/2003. ( )

yep you sure did

why are you guys still asking this?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/17/2003. ( )

You not only answered yourself as Jake pointed out, everyone in here has answered this question many times over. If youre new to this site, sit down sometime soon and enjoy our archives, theres tons of answers there for you, all available at once, no waiting! By the way, why would you wanna charge what others do? What are YOU worth? Good luck to you.

I don't get it

This response submitted by Kenny on 01/18/2003. ( )

You said you have been full time for 6 years, and you still don't know what to charge? I haven't been doing this for 6 months and I know exactly what to charge. Like Bill said, what are YOU worth?

get it

This response submitted by pp on 01/18/2003. ( )

300.00$ around tx but i get 400.00 get what what you can

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