Need Southern Whitetail Cape

Submitted by Amy on 01/18/2003. ( )

I am in need of a southern whitetail cape it needs to have at least a 25 inch neck. I will take it either salted, frozen, or tanned. If anyone has one will you please email me.

Thank You,

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Southern Whitetail Cape

This response submitted by Ken Wampner on 01/20/2003. ( ken, )


Good luck. I live here in Mississippi and have been looking for a cape such as what you are looking for. I know where quite a few of them are...but no go. They will not turn lose of them...unless of course you got the money. They are quite expensive.



This response submitted by houndog on 01/28/2003. ( )

holy smokes! where in the south is a deer with a 25 inch neck? ive been in the business for 8 years and the biggest ive seen is 22 inches.

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