Looking for ideas . . .

Submitted by AMH on 01/31/2003. ( )

Hi guys,

Okay. I've got a set of antlers that my granddad killed in 1955. They're still in good shape just need to cleaned up a bit. It's got an inside spread of 22 inches with 8 fairly short tines and not tremendous mass. It's width is definitely it's strong point.

I want to surprise him with a mount. I'm going to do some type of pedestal base (probably just an octagon of barn wood) and am wondering what ideas you guys may have for form/position that would really accentuate a big rut neck and wide rack. It doesn't have to be a pedestal-style form. I have no problem using a regular back and finishing it off nice.

The cape I have is 20 in. tight behind the ear , 24 inches four inches down -- a full rut from northern Michigan in Nov. This could be a very impressive looking animal but unsure what pose would really bring out that look. I was thinking, maybe, a full sneak with a turn. There's one in a McKenzie ad in Breakthrough that looks pretty sweet. Anyway, just looking for some ideas from guys who have seen plenty of impressive animals (like Bill Y?) and know how to bring out the best in them. Not saying my taxi skills can pull it off but . . . LOL!

Thanks guys. Also, there doesn't necessarily have to be any type of natural habitat at the top of the base. But I thought about maybe using a small white birch with a rub on it since that tree is dominant in the area this buck came from. I don't know . . . just a thought.

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This response submitted by shawn on 01/31/2003. ( )

try the McKenzie 64u , one of the coolest poses I've seen yet. 75% of my customers this year chose this pose. It really makes a nice deer look great and a great deer look even better


This response submitted by Craig on 01/31/2003. ( )

McKenzie bought out Tom Powells' Co, which sold "Joe Meader" forms. You want an outstanding form to show off a big buck, they're hard to beat. The detail is exeptional.

try this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/31/2003. ( )

Take the good suggestion of that 64U...and then alter the head and neck to turn it even further, the pedestal design will allow it to turn hard. Really gathers the neck to look big as heck.

Oh yeah . . .

This response submitted by AMH on 02/01/2003. ( )

Man, so many options, so few bucks . . .

Loved the looks of the 64U. Love the Meder forms.

Any of you guys seen or used the Buckeye 6500 series by Dwayne Johnson? Check it out on the WASCO site or catalog. Pretty nice. But I've never mounted on one of their forms. . .

Appreciate it guys. Very much so.

McKenzie 64u

This response submitted by tim on 02/01/2003. ( )

i have to agree with all of you that choose this form. im new to taxidermy(20 heads) but this 64u form sure stands out.

Another tip

This response submitted by David on 02/03/2003. ( )

Also, If you want to really accentuate how wide those antlers are, make sure you mount him with the ears BACK as this will make the rack look even wider than if you have the ears forward.

For a pedistal yes

This response submitted by Bill M on 02/03/2003. ( )

The 64u is a real nice form, but if you are using it for a mount that is going to hang on a wall, you better plan on hanging it very low. If it ishung above eye level it just doesn't cut it as it is looking up over everything- especially bad if it is a rack which lays back some.

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