Bench grinder.

Submitted by Ray on 01/19/2003. ( )

I have another dumb q? That i know is in the archives because i was reading up on it. But the q? i have is if i wanted to try and use a bench grinder to flesh say deer hides ,What kinda of wheels do i need and how the heck would you clean the wheels up once they are full of meat n fat? Ray

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HI Ray

This response submitted by Tony B on 01/19/2003. ( )

Sounds to me that you"re trying to get the meat and fat off the hides not to thin them
To do that you would be much faster to use a good sharp knife and a beam rather than a wire wheel
Now if you want to play with a wire wheel to get the idea / feel I would suggest a fine or the finest you can find and with it going on a bench grinder I would suggest an 8 inch that gets you father from the motor and gives you a little more working room
As for cleaning the wheel its not likely you will get much stuck on it as the centrifugal force will keep clean while it"s spinning
A wire wheel can save you a lot of time but it can be frustrating too and it can grab the piece right out of your hand before you know what even happened. Keep playing with it and you will get the hang of it
Have fun and good luck


This response submitted by earl on 01/20/2003. ( )

A fine wheel wont work, you need a good quality course wheel. It's totally different from birds where a fine wheel is needed. I do use an 8" wheel myself to turn lips, eyes and everything for small mammals. I also built a box guard with plexiglass top to keep the mess from getting all over. It isnt used to thin hides, but you can thin around the eyes and nose somewhat without wasting a bunch of time. I find it faster than razor blades and skife knives. Thats why I use it. You can still burn holes in your hide so practice on the thicker areas to get the feel of it. But in no time you can go right up to the end of the nostril skin with no problem, even with the course brush. Now the procedure IS simular to doing birds. Keep even pressure and keep your fingers under the skin. Keep the skin moving also. This does create heat and dries out thin skin in a hurry. I keep a spray bottle and mist the hide as needed. Now I do know one guy that fleshes the entire hide with his. Thats because he cant use a blade without murdering the hide.

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