Master George

Submitted by Sam W on 01/19/2003. ( )

Hey george. I got a q? Have you ever produced a video on the art of taxidermy for say whitetail deer. You deffenetly. have some damn good answers to alot of my questions and others. Experiance is deffenetly. what you have and i;m still trying to get. but I figured i would ask. I;ve seen you;ve done articles in F,F,/G about your fleshing beam which i may add is a sweeet ideah. Mount on George.


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No "Master", no video

This response submitted by George on 01/19/2003. ( )

I'm just a regular taxidermist like you. I just happened to have been born a lot earlier. Thanx.


This response submitted by earl on 01/20/2003. ( )

are you also ray from the bench grinder q?


This response submitted by Sam on 01/20/2003. ( )

Ray is my brother. were both getting into this and haveing a goodtime with it.

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