Submitted by Jfrank on 01/19/2003. ( )

I have decided that the odor produced by lysol concentrate is actually worse than rotting meat. I only do about a deer a year just as a hobby, I like doing it. I just put some in the hidepaste I bought from WASCO, just like the instructions said, and it absolutely stinks. I'm just about to wash and tumble the hide and I plan to mount it wet, the instuctions for dry preservative wash is to include some lysol concentrate. I don't want to do it and I was wondering If there are any alternatives to Lysol in the wash. (I usually tan but was afraid to do this one because it already was treated with dry preservative and had been frozen several times.) No slipping yet, we'll see when I mount it. Has anybody ever experimented with anti-bacterial soap?

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dont use it

This response submitted by jonny on 01/19/2003. ( )

dont use it if you dont like it thers no need for it if you have properly fleshed there should not be any rotting smell


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johnny i think you missed a lot in school when sentence structure was taught trying to guess where your sentences start and end without a capital letter or a perid is very annoying to those reading your answer you'll probably defend your rotten english by saying we know what you said maybe you talk like you write if that's true your face must be blue sheesh

Its Fleshed

This response submitted by jfrank on 01/19/2003. ( )

Its fleshed very thin, I have never left any meat on a mount to rot, like some folks around here do in their assembly line taxidermy shops. I was just saying that lysol smells that bad to me, and the smell stays on the mount too for months. So what do you wash your capes in?

The tape is "old" and Lysol has changed

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Knoblochs sells a variety of products that work well in washing. I like the Pre-soak myself.

heres a suggestion

This response submitted by houndog on 01/20/2003. ( )

after fleshing i wash in dawn and lysol,then rinse.i then soak in salt water for 15 minutes,tumble then i use a spray tan formula.i always have great results.


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George is right! Lysol aint what it use to be. Those videos are dated back to the mid 80"s. Lysol no longer contains "Phenol" (not sure of the spelling) that was what made lysol!

Wash in a Dawn or equivalent or purchase from a supplier a bottle of Kemal 4 or Skin Prep. It won't go bad and a little goes a long way!

I agree, Lysol does have an unpleasant smell. But I also have never been a fan of those pine scented cleansers either! Give me the pleas