Buttless Earliners

Submitted by Fred on 01/20/2003. ( )

When using eppley buttless earliners do you just put the earliner against the form and build the earbutt muscles around it or do you have to make any type of hole to stick the liner into first. And about how much clay should you use for each earbutt? I am using McKenzie forms.

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Against the skull

This response submitted by Kenneth on 01/20/2003. ( )

Remember you cut the ear canal against the skull, this is where where you need to put it back. McKenzie's are notorious for large ear butts preformed on the mannikin. I would rasp away the preformed ear butt and put the earliner back at the skull level. As for the amount of clay needed. How much muscle, tissue and cartilage did you remove from it when you skinned the cape. Save this tissue off of your next caping to get an idea of how much tissue was removed. Do not forget clay normally shrinks depending upon the type you use, so keep this in mind. Good Luck

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