Shrinkage Twist - clarification for the curious mind

Submitted by Paul on 01/23/2003. ( )

This was a follow up question to my earlier post on Mule Deer ears submitted on 1/17. Looking for clarification.......

I think I understand the shrinkage concept, but if you're using a top notch adhesive with ear liners, w/o cartilage, why is it necessary to keep the liner a bit on the small side to allow for shrinkage? Seems to me that once the glue sets up, it should disallow the skin from shrinking in, but that the edges might curl instead? I guess I can deduct from responses in other posts that this isn't an issue but I still have to wonder? I would think that bondo would help keep the edges from curling because the filler completely covers the ear area, but I also know from experience that this too is possible. I had some pretty good curl from my first attempt, but assume that I must have had the bondo too thin on the edges and on the tips.

So again the question is what about curling on the edges if you make the liner a bit small?

2nd Question - is it shrinking skin or shrinking cartilage that causes the drumming? I just realized from re-reading Mike D's response that maybe it's the cartilage at fault.

Thanks for the responses. Although I am a beginnner (< 12 heads)I do find the bondo relatively easy if you go slow. My first attempts with liners I got frustrated because it was difficult to get the right size (didn't remove cartilage) and to actually get the liner into the ear (maybe it was too big?). I do need to practice on removing the cartilage - maybe thats the key?

3rd - Anyone have any luck with the CartilageLiner earliners that advertise that removing the C-lage isn't necessary? Or should I stick with the bondo method or the true ear liner method, w/o cartilage?
Note: I'm going to practice removing the cartilage on a spare cape tonight.

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Fairly Easy

This response submitted by DW on 01/23/2003. ( )

Well, at 12 heads your way ahead of me but I found removing the ear cartilage pretty easy. Except for an initial cut across the ear, I did the rest with my fingers and it went smooth.

Are you sure

This response submitted by Leanna on 01/23/2003. ( )

You are splitting those ears to the extreme edge? Get rid of the cartilage and try Eppleys buttless liners, and maybe slow down the drying time of your ears.

I've also stumbled upon the value of cutting the butts out of the ear skin all the way "up" to the bend in the ear. The liners fit like a dream, and for finishing work, you can blend the skin to the liner with apoxy sculpt for a great inner ear detail. That's why I like the buttless, they have the inner ear already in them, and you mold your own butts.

No matter how great the glue is, you can't only depend on that.

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