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Submitted by Eddie on 01/23/2003. ( NDAWOODS25@aol.com )

I bought a mini Flesh all from someone on the Forum. I recieved it with a broken guard. I called McKenzie and they gave me a number to call. I have called this number at least a dozen time in 2 days. All I get is a recorder, and yes I have left several messages with no response. Can anyone help me on where to get a shroud for this flesher? Thx Eddie

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Go back and read the post about out industry

This response submitted by John C on 01/23/2003. ( )

Then maybe you will understand.

This is a small industry, many business are part time to include many of the smaller suppliers.

If you left the messege give them a few days to respond.

You will find a one person shop cannot do everything all the time.

Dale Guinn

This response submitted by Kenneth on 01/23/2003. ( )

I know the man that originally made the mini-flesher lived in Cleveland, OK. His name is Dale Guinn. He used to advertise in the major publications. You might call information for a phone number.


This response submitted by DOUG on 02/04/2003. ( ROADKING1951@HOTMAIL.COM )

Eddie, it's called a debris shield part#450077 $23.50 it's on page 76 of John Rinehart Taxidermy Supply Co. catalog Phone # 1800-279-7985 hpe this was of help to you

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