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Submitted by chuck on 01/24/2003. ( )

I would love to get started in deer gameheads. I learned fish taxidermy on my own with videos and books. Can anyone recommend a video or book that would be good for learning deer gamehead mounting. Oh yeah, any beginners tips from the wise ones out there would be awesome!


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This response submitted by ducksplus on 01/24/2003. ( )

Get whitetail mounting a to z with Sally Dahmes as your video and Breakthroughs whitetail taxidermy manuel. Both are avalible through WASCO.


Tons of tips right here

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 01/24/2003. ( )

Search away with the little orange button, there is a ton of stuff here. You will even find recommendations for videos. WASCO offers videos, I have the 3 from MacKenzie, they are good, although I use different tanning techniques. Tanning may be the biggest question to answer, and if I were just beginning, I would have capes commercially tanned with a wet tan. Search again for some recommended tanneries near you. is a tannery I use, and has information on how to prep capes for the tannery. Watch the videos first to see what you're getting into, and if you still want to go for it,get some practice capes and materials and you're all set.

And as you will most cetainly find if you search here, get lots of reference, take measurements from your deer before and after you cape them. Whatever you take off, has to go back in the same place. Similar to building models, without the instructions.


This response submitted by B.T. on 01/25/2003. ( )

i have watched many differant videos and Bill Atkins has the BEST ever made in my opinion, he is very simple to understand, i think he is at and they are less expensive than most 4 videos foe 59.99,,,,,good luck

as a beginner

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/28/2003. ( )

Its tough to beat the videos from WASCO and also Research Mannikins, ask for Mark McLain. I see Sally Dahmes deer videos for sale in here from time to time, as well!

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