European Mounting procedure and cost.

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I'm new to the taxidermy business. I have been asked to do a European mount. I would like a general price range to charge for this, no panel, just the bleached scull and antlers. The Sal soda procedure sounds easy, but what is the ratio of ingredients? Thank for your help. D.Blangger

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your kidding right?

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Archives, this month, last month the month before, take your pick


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thats a area that you will have to figure out on your own. How long it takes? materials,panel and time. Not to forget about overhead.
Read the archives. You need to think about taking in customers mounts that you don't know how to do. Hard to be known for good work if you start out on the wrong foot. Not saying your work is bad just suggesting that you know your job and how to properly fix mistakes.
And if you boil it that will be a mistake.

euro mounts...

This response submitted by Bill @Real Life on 01/25/2003. ( )

I just did a nice Mulie for a customer and he was extremely I guess I did it right eh? LOL...anyway because I live in BC I can let my skulls rot off a bit (flesh skull, leave in pail of water for a couple weeks, blast off the rotted flesh with pressure washer - be careful here, or just use a hose). It gets a little smelly but it could be worst...depending on where you live you could leave it in the water, indoors inside a plastic bag (to keep the smell down). Then I just boil the skull for about 1 hour. Because I don't use salsoda or other ingredients I don't get a soft skull and my teeth don't fall out...I mean the mount doesn't get a soft skull...LOL...then I dip it in peroxide (at least 20 strength from beauty shop) and then in bleach...don't get these on the antlers though...and you will have to paint the chemicals onto the back of the skull plate. You can alternate this process until you get the skull to the whiteness you want. Keep at it and you'll get it...use some Febreeze to de-odorize it and paint it with Elmer's glue afterwards...(thanks George for that advice!).
I would recommend a wood base though. Van Dykes has an awesome one that sets the skull at a more natural angle from the wall and I would highly recommend it...customers prefer it over the flat plaque every time! The entire process will run you about a month depending on how warm your 'rot' water is...regardless of if you rot or use salsoda and boil...I would still order the plaque as your customer will likely want it once they see it...cost of doing business = about $140.00

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