Submitted by mike on 01/25/2003. ( bucktailsand )

SEEM TO BE GETTING THE SHRINK PROBLEM oops sorry,around my deer eyes
ive been using critter clay around them. ive put a plastic bag over the mount for 3-4 days but it doesnt seem to help much im using buckeye supereme glue and am filling the gap with epoxie sculp after it dries any help would be great. they are wet tanned capes that ive done myself with liquitan is there a product out there i can use around eyes to help this .

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Antoher post this past week on the samething.

This response submitted by John C on 01/25/2003. ( )

thin the eyelids down, they are to thick, not only the inner eye ;id, but outer eye lid too. Paper thin. Adjust the eyes two time daily. Seem may people are forgetting the do this.

Two weeks or later is the time to fill with epoxy.


This response submitted by John W. on 01/25/2003. ( )

Mike, John C. nailed her right on the head, too thick. Take you're time with a scalpel and thin those eye's down til ya see the hair bulb's around the eye's, you won't believe how much material you'lltake away, and that should solve most of you're problem.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/25/2003. ( )

Knock more of the water out of those capes first if youre going to use LiquaTan.

From one beginner to another

This response submitted by Tony on 01/25/2003. ( )

I used a skife (about $5 from McKenzie) and it really did a great job of thinning around the eyes. It's almost fool-proof in that it shaves only a thin layer at a time and holes aren't much of a concern. I used a baseball under the eye (the hair side) to stretch it out and shaved away. I did the bulk pre-tan and then finished it up smooth after tanning. I think it made all the difference. I showed my mount pics to John C. and he said the eye was pretty good. To me that's the highest praise.

use epoxy instead if clay

This response submitted by Eric on 01/26/2003. ( )

I have been using epoxies instead of clay for my eye work and I don't need to use any fillers after everything dries and as mentioned above SHAVE INCREDIBLY THIN!

I use epoxy around they eyes. BUT

This response submitted by John C on 01/27/2003. ( )

until you get the hang of mounting and are happy with your eye work stick to clay as it can be moved for a few days.

Epoxy is done forever in a few hours.

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