Advice on Shiping

Submitted by Carl Allen on 01/28/2003. ( )

Getting ready to ship some FROZEN hides to tannery, and was just wandering the best way to do it. The guy told me just put them in a cardboard box and send them second day-air. Any suggestions on tagging, bagging, etc would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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Shipping frozen hides

This response submitted by Superpig on 01/28/2003. ( )

The way I ship them is to wrap the animal in a bag and then add hous insulation to the box and styrofoam peanuts. Depending on where the animal goes and how large it is I usually send everything Express Mail with USPS. It is guaranteed next day delivery and actually cheaper than using UPS. I would never send anything Priority Mail. Two day air is fine for larger whole animals which won't thaw out as quickly. On the oustide of the box just write Frozen item. Depending on what animals you ship make sure you have your paperwork in order if needed.

Departure time and phone number

This response submitted by Jim on 01/29/2003. ( )

Contact your shipper and find out what the latest time it has to be there by. No sense in letting it thaw for 6 hours at their dock when it could in your freezer. Also, a phone number of the ship to address on the label is pretty handy for the "new guy" covering for the vacationing regular to get directions to anyplace remotely difficult to find, especially if its thawed out and starting to rot.

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