Clarification on pastes

Submitted by Mikey on 01/28/2003. ( )

I've been searching the archives for "best hide adhesive" and found tons of info.

But I was hoping I could get a little clarification. I have used Rinehart hide paste (the wet not dry mix) and have killer glue for turkeys. I understand that Killer Glue is a hide adhesive as well. It's awfully thick and sticky. Which I'm sure is good for holding power once dry. But how easy is it to work with on the deer form? The Rinehart adhesive was pretty good to work with, cleaned up much easier than Killer Glue. But I wonder about long-term sticking power. I'm sure, given the consistency of the Killer Glue, that it's more durable and thus longer-lasting. But I'm not sure I'd like working with that stuff on a deer.

I believe, based on what I've researched, that their is "epoxy-style" adhesives and "water-based" Is that correct? Killer Glue is an epoxy, Rinehart paste is water-based? What's the advantage of epoxy vs. water?

I hear John C. touting Epo-Grip a lot. Is this an epoxy similar to Killer Glue or is it a water-based adhesive? I've also seen bags of dry hide adhesive in the catalogs. It costs less so do I assume it's not as good in the long run?

Thanks for the help.

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Epo-Grip is a 2 part

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/28/2003. ( )

its two part and applies as easy as any water based. I would be its goiong to last forever inside.

Water based is easy to use as is Epo-Grip Hide Adhesive.

I will never use Killer glue again its to much work.

Thanks John . . .

This response submitted by Mikey on 01/28/2003. ( )

That was kind of my feeling about Killer Glue without actually saying so. I haven't used it enough to really offer a valid opinion but, man, what an absolute pain to clean up, mix, apply. Maybe I'm just stupid or something but if I had trouble glueing on the drumsticks of a turkey form, I can imagine the trouble I'd have (as a beginner) putting it on an entire deer form and trying to keep it off the hair.

So is there a water-based Epo-Grip adhesive that's different from the two-part? Is it, in your opinion, as good. I believe, again from what I've read, that the water-based would give a little more working time before setting. That's always a bonus for the slower newcomer.

Appreciate the help sir.


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Buy some Buckeye supreme, I used the Rinehart stuff for a while but it being so cheap it made me nervous! I love using buckeye supreme easy to work with and cleans up nice and it's recomended by a lot of people on this forum!

I dont use water based on anything but small mammals

This response submitted by John C on 01/28/2003. ( )

Yes, There is a water based from Newton Supply.

I prefer the 2 part, mix just enough to do the upper head. then mux a bit more to do the muzzle area. Then enough to do the rest of the deer.

It will give you about 6 hours working time.


While some still preach the hype of using water based hide paste for big game animals, I will not on the head area or shoulder area again.

The difference in price will buy you time. This time is what you do over the next three or four days preening the mounts. Carding and pinning, removing pins adjusting eyes.

I work some extra up around the antler burrs and into the seam, by doing so the seam is a done deal.

I wet the body down and work out and air bubbles, poke them with a needle if needed. Get the brisker right, staple up around the back comb out and you are done.

With a bit of practice your finishing will take about 30 minutes.

I do use water based on mammal bodies, I need the time to adjust the skin on them.

Question for John C. about stapling

This response submitted by Joe on 01/29/2003. ( )

Hi John,
When you refer to "stapling up and around the back", are you saying that you staple the cape instead of sewing it, or are you refering to stapling the cape to the panel.
I'm not trying to be a wise guy, I'm just learning.

Sew the back of the neck.

This response submitted by John C on 01/30/2003. ( )

Staple the cape around the back board of the form.. I decided to try the Newton Supply Company Strawberry milk shake water based hide paste on a deerhead.

Tacked up pretty quick, but the cape was very dry.

The big draw back to this hide paste is it makes you hungry.

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