Any opinions on Eyes-Rite forms?

Submitted by AMH on 01/28/2003. ( )

Just wondering.

Any opinions out there on the Rinehart deer forms with the preset eyes? Not for comp. but for commercial use?

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/28/2003. ( )

Lots of guys use them. I know of a local guy who does, too. He takes a lot of work, gets it back out fast. Lots of beginners in my state use them, you can tell when you see the mount. Id have to say that theyre popular in certain circles. Good luck, do you like them too?

I do but . . .

This response submitted by AMH on 01/28/2003. ( )

I do like them but I'm not exactly the most seasoned of critics. I think the deer I've done look real good. I have other heads that i paid top dollar for and I think they're pretty comparable in the eye area. Probably not great for any other pose than basic sneaks, upright, etc. becuase you can't change the eye position. But for newcomers or saving a little time, i don't see much drawback. You?


This response submitted by Steve on 01/28/2003. ( )

I mount on average 20 to 30 Deer Heads per year and out of those I use the Eyes Rite forms on at least half. For commercial work, I say you can't beat them. For the extra cost you save alot of time, and don't have to buy eyes. And I think they look great. Just make sure you still can "set" a nice eye yourself.

Not for the south

This response submitted by Wayne on 01/28/2003. ( )

Just my opinion but our deer in the deep south don't have a head (snout)? that long. More of a "stubby" length.

Yeah that is one thing . . .

This response submitted by AMH on 01/28/2003. ( )

I noticed there's not the wide selection of sizes in the Rinehart forms. But, again, I don't have enough experience yet to determine if there's really a "lack" of suitable sizes. The ones I've used have fit real well.

Just wondering. It seems, from posts I've seen in the archives, a lot of guys are down on Rinehart products and John Rinehart in general. Or maybe I've just seen the few posts that were negative.

come on be real

This response submitted by shouldsaybutnotthistime on 01/29/2003. ( )

they suck you can see em a mile off if you wanna do rookie work use em .If you want a good manikin there are several out there many of them are in the same catalog .not meaning to harsh but beeing honest good luck

They are fine.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 01/29/2003. ( )

When I worked in a large studio we used a ton of them. They look fine if YOU like them. This is YOUR work and don't let any of the "peer" pressure stop you from doing what works for you. I can guarentee your CUSTOMERS won't know the difference. Personally I don't use their deer forms. I don't like the look....I do use their boar forms quite a bit. I use what looks good to ME, not what anyone else says. You should do the same. So many people in taxidermy look to others or so called experts to tell them what to do. I always say if YOU are happy with it, what does it matter what I think? Rinehart makes (made?) good quality products. Their foam is good, their fish forms are excellent, AND they always had THE BEST backboards installed in their forms. I haven't tried any forms since the buyout so that will remain to be seen. Some of the products I have used from other companies have NOT been as good since the buyout. Since the are still doing production at the Rinehart facility maybe they will be ok.

The are better now

This response submitted by HOSS on 01/29/2003. ( )

I use them periodically especially the semi-sneak pose. My customers love them. It seems to me that the quality is better now since McKenzie purchased them. The foam appears much better and the detail is more distinct. I have an old Rinehart form right now in the shop and yesterday I set a new one by it and there was no comparison. It appears that McKenzie is using the same foam in the Rinehart forms as their normal stuff. Probably a cost savings for them to consolidate to one foam mixture supplier. The symmetry of left and right features is better also. I still like the regular McKenzie forms better but there is allot to be said about the eyes-rite for production mounts and they work great on Illinois, Kentucky and some of the Tennessee deer which is the majority of my deer business.

Jim, I too really like their boar forms. They are all I ever use for boar.

I like them very much

This response submitted by Aaron L. on 01/29/2003. ( )

I cut my teeth on the pre-set forms. I do an average of 50 deer a year and almost use them exclusively. For commercial work, I think they are the best...but that is my opinion. I agree with Bill that you should still be able to set an eye though. In truth, my first deer mounts with them look much better than the other taxidermists in the area that have won awards with their mounts. (customer comments not mine, even though I am poud of my work.=)
Actually, I am hoping against all odds that McKenzie will some day incorporate the pre-set eyes into some of their forms. They have so much more variety in positions. But I don't hold out much hope there. ( sure would be a good time saver for me though)
Stick with what YOU like best and what your customers like best and you can never go wrong.

You're right. I think the forms have gotten better since the buy out. Better foam.

Thanks all . . .

This response submitted by AMH on 01/29/2003. ( )

I appreciate the input. It's tough, just starting out, to now exactly what to look for. When I look at a mount, I look to see if it looks like a deer. The few I've done look like deer. Know what I'm saying? I do wish there was a great variety of poses, sizes, etc. but I do think the comments about doing what YOU like is great advice. And I'll do that.

But one other question . . .
When some say they can see the pre-set eyes a mile off, what exactly are you seeing that's different? Not trying to argue, just trying to get a feel for what to look for.

check this out

This response submitted by roy heck on 01/30/2003. ( )

Breakthrough Magazine

Try out different manikins

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 01/30/2003. ( )

and see if you like them. I like Joe Meder manikins from McKenzie, everyone has likes and dislikes. How do the eyes look to you? If you shine a flashlight on them do they seem o.k.? It could be a disadvantage if you want to use different eyes. I used a semi-upright Rinehart form with the offset shoulder, I did not like it much. Just my opinion. Also, they lack some brisket development most newer manikins have.

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