Newton Supply Water based hide paste

Submitted by John C on 01/30/2003. ( )

I decided to use the water based on a deerhead, the cape was pretty dry, it did tack up very quickly.

The bad thing is, Steve, It left me very hungry. Smells like a Strawberry milk shake. When you are hungry to begin with its not a good thing to mount using this hide paste.

Well off to raid the fridg.

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This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 01/30/2003. ( )


Sorry didn't mean to give you hunger pains! :^) We thought it might be a nice to make a glue that smells good for a change. We've found that if you dry the mount with a fan its pretty much setup in a days time, or if you just air dry its setup in about 3 days.

check this out

This response submitted by roy heck on 01/30/2003. ( )


Ok, call me an idiot

This response submitted by Tony on 01/30/2003. ( )

I posted previously about the Epo-Grip products and John gave some good info. But now I'm confused. I logged on to the Newton Supply site and didn't see the water-based adhesive John's talking about here. Is it the Epo-Grip hide adhesive at the top of the products listing or something else? Sorry to be a pain.

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