Bleaching Skulls

Submitted by Jason on 03/29/2003. ( )

When bleaching skulls using Sodium Bicarbonate and Peroxide can you use just normal household Peroxide 3% or do you have to use the stronger stuff 35%. If it does not matter will the stronger stuff work alot better. Thanks.

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WHy the baking soda?

This response submitted by John C on 03/29/2003. ( )

I have never heard of using baking soda for this.

The easiest way is to cover the skull in a plastic pail with the 3% peroxide. use a wash cloth to cover any portion that does stick out above the H2O2 level.

I highly recommend the 3% because its a hell of a lot safer than the 40%.

While the 40% is used for human hair it will burn the skin and damage your eyes should it splash into them.

Another method-

This response submitted by The Rookie on 03/29/2003. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Brush the 40% peroxide on yer skull,put it in a large zip-loc,throw it in the sun for an hour, rinse, air dry. As John stated, caution MUST be used when dealing with this product. Safety glasses and rubber gloves aren't optional. Good Luck- Jeff F.

H2O2 breaks down quick

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 03/29/2003. ( )

If exposed to air and sunlight, that is why it comes in brown bottles. I called Skulls Unlimited once, a person there told me they used 10%. I got the 40% from the hair dressers and dilute it, let it soak in a covered dark area, and then after soaking put it outside in the sun. I used to have students run an enzyme lab that measured the breakdown of H202 by the enzyme. They had to run a baseline of the pure H202 before the lab, and by the time the lab was over, the baseline had changed, due to the rapid breakdown of the unsealed peroxide. If you use the concentrated stuff, wear gloves and be careful.


This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 03/29/2003. ( )

there's lots on this if you do an orange button search, and George will tell you he likes to use a gel product, which sounds good.

try.....Oxy Clean

This response submitted by Dan on 03/29/2003. ( )

Just finished boiling some skulls. When they were clean i put like 15 scoops of oxy clean in a bucket of water and soaked them over night. I worked a lot like 40% salon stuff. I was surprised with the results the needed no more bleaching. Watch the antlers oxy clean will lighten them also. I'll be testing to see if 7 scoops works the same or 20 give faster results. Hope my wife doesnt notice whats missing when she does laundry next.

magnesium carbonate

This response submitted by cct on 04/10/2003. ( )

i have tried different things and the best i have found was 35% peroxide, mixed with magnesium carbonate to a paste. brush it on leave it a day or two, and it will be WHITE. be very careful, or trick someone into doing it for you.i got it on a salesman one time long story but FUNNY.
try it (on the skull) and you will be happy with the results

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