Fair price on green whitetail capes

Submitted by R. Steines on 07/09/2003. ( scout4924@yahoo.com )

I have three or four Whitetail capes from late Dec 02. Iowa deer with good size (20 1/2 - 21 1/2) They have been double wrapped and are Y cut full length. Little or no ear or other damage. What would be a fair asking price if I cover shipping? Thanks for your help.

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Fair price is relative

This response submitted by Mick on 07/09/2003. ( Mickthetaxidermist@hotmail.com )

Asking price is relative to how much work you have put into them, and of course how bad someone else needs them. Assuming that your measurements are accurate, and reflect the circumference at the smallest part of the neck and you haven't done any splitting/turning, fleshing and salting, would probably bring $35-50 depending on condition. For tanned capes add another $50. Tannery prepped capes (all splitting,turning and salting done) likely would fall in between. This is of course all speculation, as the reality is that their worth whatever someone is willing to pay. The value of raw whitetail capes is greatly influenced by size, and being how your capes are not especially large, they really wouldn't command a premium price. My estimates do not include shipping because of the huge differences between different shipping methods and distances. You're better off to let the customer decide how he/she wants the cape shipped.

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