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Submitted by stacey on 02/03/2004. ( )

I have a deer hide that a friend killed this year and he brought it to me and wanted it taned so he could use it as a rug. but he had cut it of just in front of the shoulders and left the skin from the shoulders in tack. I have never done one like this before i am just a new beginner. I have already taned it but now i dont know how to cut it to make it look right it looks funny right now it looks like a big u has been cut out of it where he took the neck skin off of it and left the skin from the front shoulders. I dont know how to even go about cuting it too make it look right. so I got online trying to find ways to cut it and I ran across this web site. So i figured i could get some help hear from you experencied taxidermist.
thanks Stacey

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deer hide

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 02/04/2004. ( )

Why not talk to your friend and see what he/she wants? Maybe it will suit as it is. Before cutting it more I would want to be sure about the hunter's expectations.Enjoy, Aaron H.

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