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Submitted by Steve on 02/02/2004. ( )

I figured I'd check with some of you to see what you do in a case like I've got. I recieved a call yesterday from a lady that had taken her son's deer to a taxidermist to have mounted. Well in checking with the taxidermist on the progress of the deer, she found that the guy had taken a ton of deposit money from her and other customers, all of his log books, and left his wife with all this mess and skipped the country. Now, she asked me if I could help her out and finish this deer up for her. She informed me that she had the cape and antlers but that's it. Now I know I can get my neck measurement from the cape accurately, but I am not sure what do do about the eye to nose measurement and be a accurate with it. I do not have any spare forms to try test fitting either. Can anyone help me out with this with advice or opinions. Thanks in advance to all who reply.

Steve Scudder

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This response submitted by Brent on 02/02/2004. ( )

Can always alter the eye to nose......get a form that fits the neck.

How Long........

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......Have you been doing taxidermy? Even when you have the correct eye to nose measurement, it is not a major factor in the fit of a deer cape to a form. At worst it is a "minor" form alteration, most likely all you have to do is fit it to the form.

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