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When you are skinning a deer hoof do you have to leave it in a tube like state or do you make an incision. If you make an incision do you go all the way to the knuckle at the hoof. Is there any other way that might be easier when you are making a gun rack.This is my first time doing a gun rack. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S. I am going to use the gun rack manakin.

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Type in "Deer foot gun rack" using the search button. This should anwser all your questions.

try this

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make an incision

This response submitted by Steve on 02/02/2004. ( )

I usually skin them all the way. I don't see any other way that would work. Make you incision on the inside and it will almost be invisible. The last rack I made I skinned them out, cut off all the meat and cartlage, and left the bone in. Then I tanned them in the normal way with Lutan F. I rebuilt the missing cartlage and meat with paper mache, Let that dry and sew them up. Leave some bone sticking out. I then ripped a small log down the middle and refinished the outside of it. Drill some holes about three inches deep to stick the feet in. Fill the holes part way up with a mixture of bondo and fiberglass, and stick the feet in the way you want them, and let things harden up. Scrape off any excess bondo before it dries. I know this isn't the conventional method of doing this. I've used the foot forms you bolt on through a board, but I like this better. It's cheap, very strong, and seems to hold up very well. I'd appreciate any advice with this one. Can anyone see anything wrong with this. Maybe it won't last forever, but the one I did five years ago still looks great..Steve.

Cut them

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It is impossible to case skin deer feet. Cut down the back to below the dew claws. Then peal them down, cut off dew claws, then remove bone at last Joint. wash, tan, DP or what ever you do, Then sew them on a form. Although Mike does all the deer feet for our shop, as best I can figure it only takes about an hour pre pair to do this way.

I tube skin....

This response submitted by Joe T on 02/03/2004. ( )

I'm doing my first set also. I haven't try putting the skin on the forms but I tube skined the hoves and it only took about 10 mins per hoof.

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