Making Deer Antler Lamps

Submitted by John Thompson on 02/05/2004. ( )

I'am an avid antler collector, and I want to make a lamp out of all my antlers. I was looking for some advice on how to make an deer antler lamp and what tools i will need. I plan on making lots of these lamps so a list of things i will need to buy or i need to have would be great. I have no idea at all how to make these lamp so detailed instructios would be really nice. Thanks allot for your time and any information will help.

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Just saw a add on the Outdoor channel

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Could be on thier website.

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I also saw them selling DVD/video on ebay


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I just found the phone number

not too hard

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You really don't need much. First, just set the antler(s) in the position you want them, mark where they touch, so you can epoxy there later. Then get a long drill bit just big enough to slip some wiring through. Drill from the base of the antler to where it connects with the second anlter, or if you are using one antler, to the place you want the light socket. If you can't go straight to that point, you can come out of the antler on the bottom, then start another going from the same hole so you can thread the wire through, put some epoxie sculp on it, then paint it over. Once you have it to the point you marked, you can start on that spot where it touches the second antler and do the same thing to get to where you want the socket. Now, you can buy kits at a craft store or hardware store that comes with a chord, and socket with pull switch and shade attachment. They are cheap. Anyways, thread the wire through all your holes, epoxy the antlers together, and if the socket doesn't loosley fit in the pre drilled hole, then drill it to the right size to fit the socket, fill it with epoxie, and let set. After it is dry, fill any small drill holes with epoxie scult, shape, let dry, and finally paint. It will look great! Hope this helps.

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