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Submitted by Droptine on 02/03/2004. ( )

I used Epo-Grip for the first time on a pronghorn yesterday. I thaught it worked pretty good, compared to the paste that I am accustomed to. I have a short hair whitetail to do now and I am wondering if there is anyway that I can thin the Epo-Grip a little bit so I will be able to spread it a little thinner (laquer thinner maybe?). I am worried that using it the way it is I wont be able to show as much detail from the form. It seemed awfully thick and seemed to make taxiing a bit more of a job, I thaught that if it were a little thinner it would make this easier also. Although it was nice to come back to it this afternoon and still have everything right where I left it yesterday. I was also a little worried about it setting up before I was ready, that was no issue, it 60 degrees in my shop I work really slow and I had all kinds of time.
Thank you

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This response submitted by J. Randall on 02/03/2004. ( )

I wouldn't thin it with anything it will show the detail of the form, as it dries it will draw the skin down on the form and into the detail, really letting it show up. and that's on Missouri Deer with relatively thick hair. Great stuff I love it.
Best to you and yours

temp too cool

This response submitted by Becky P on 02/03/2004. ( )

Needs to be warmer than 60. That's why it was so hard to spread and seemed too thick. It should spread like icing. Check the archives. Steve explains how and why to keep it warm. BP

Good Answers!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 02/03/2004. ( nsc@netrus.net )

Droptine the answers by Randall and Becky are right on.

Epo-Grip epoxy hide adhesive is designed to be used at about 75 degrees F. At temperatures of 65 and below it gets pretty thick and harder to work, just like most things that are cooled.

You can thin the product about 10% with xylol or xylene and it will extend the working time for you to about 8 hours.

Any questions please call me at 800-888-2467.

Hey Steve

This response submitted by Becky P on 02/03/2004. ( )

do we get an "A", or better yet, some Epo-Grip. Just kidding. BP

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