Hey Mr. Mead

Submitted by Droptine on 02/03/2004. ( )

Hey thanks alot for the advice on using this wall pedistal form it turned out beautiful. That style of form is awsome for antelope it shows a little more of their coloration. I finished the back last night like you said w/ elk skin it looks real good. Thank you very much. This forum is one of the most valuable assets that a taxidermist could have. I had never heard of it until recently now Im here at least once a day every day. Being able to expand my knowledge, by being able to converse w/ kind, honest people like you
about the industry, is becoming my most powerful tool.
Thanks again
Chris Finley
Spittin Image Tax.
AKA. Droptine

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This response submitted by Bob Mead on 02/03/2004. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

Glad I could help.

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