Meder pedastel forms

Submitted by fred on 02/09/2004. ( )

Anyone used the meder pedastel form and used the add on to make it a table pedastel? If so how do you attach the mount to the table base? there is no plywood backing on the back of the form. or is there a better form I should be using instead?

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This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 02/09/2004. ( )

I use them alot. If you need to attach the base to the back of the form, here is what I do. You just have to insert a piece of wood into the lower portion of the back of the form. Cut out a section of foam and test fit the block of wood. Then drill some holes at an angle in the wood so you can run some wires into the foam. I use bondo to hold the wood in the form and run the wires to hold it in place.

If you are going to run a rod up through the base into the brisket, just drill out a hole and insert a piece of tubing to match the male end sticking out of the base.

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