Mounting question for you pros!

Submitted by jeff on 02/09/2004. ( )

If iwas going to use DP in mounting my deer please guide me though your rutine,,, plesae any help, tips and please iam new be VERY specific!

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You seriously can't learn taxidermy by reading about it in one takes time.Buy books and videos....if you start from not know anything you won't do so good mounting a deer. Use the archieves...SEARCH!

Instead of DP try Spray tan.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/10/2004. ( )

I will never use DP on a deerhead, deer seem to get very loose hair before drying when you use DP.

I have used Spray tan a few times, it seems to work and the hair does not loosen up like with DP.

Several years back, I did a few deerheads for another studio here is how we did the heads.

Do all your fleshing on the raw capes, the face has to be thinned, very thin! We then would Spray the BEN MEARS SPRAY TAN on the cape, let it set while we prepped the form, set antlers etc. Next we bondoed the ears Presculpted the ear butts.

Last set the eyes with Apoxie Sculpt, now put the cape on the form and finish the mounting. We used Lock tight, but now Epo-Grip is a far Better replacement.

Once mounted we would wash the cape with a kitchen sprayer and bit of shampoo in the sink.

One thing is certian, even in the Deep south on the Mississippi river the mounts never slipped any hair, the hair never loosened as it does with DP.

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